Investment Start Up Show


The Open Innovations Forum is glad to announce a new Investment Start Up Show — an event with a new dynamic «explosive» TV-show format on the venture investment market based on the edutainment principle.

The new show will see start ups present their projects to investors, representatives of foundations and business angels as well as the expert jury in a unique tempo of one-minute round sessions. The event will be attended by entrepreneurs, investors and leading experts of the innovative and investment markets.

The expert jury of the Investment Show will select promising start up projects, while new business teams will be able to develop their skills, establish direct tripartite «project-expert-investor» dialogue and bridge the gap between the intellectual and investment foundations.

The entire event, infused with the mood of drive and the struggle between technology and emotions, will take place to the soul-stirring music and unforgettable commentary of the ring announcer Alex Kardo with his loyal show girls. The show hosts will be mentor and founder of the Indigo Kids start up, Timofey Ra, and Elena Rudovskaya, who will whip up an exciting atmosphere with the help of DJ angel Mila Freska and co-hosts from the group of experts. Following the presentations and after selecting the projects, the co-organizer of the Investment Show, the iVenturer private foundation, will present the participants with the travel certificates for visits to the best accelerators and master classes, package the projects, conduct consultation sessions for the leaders and provide support for concluding transactions with international investors.

Unlike traditional pitch sessions, the projects will be presented at the show in an exciting way, in the experimental format of the market of ideas and technologies and innovative experiment theatre, where participants are strictly limited in time and tracks are designed to interest the expert council and potential investors as much as possible. They, in turn, can give the pitch a red card and stop the presentation at any time, thus sending the project off the stage. As a result of the previous shows, more than 20 projects entered into negotiations with potential investors, with 5 of them raising investments to an amount exceeding 30 million roubles.

The start up show is organized by the iVenturer foundation.

Participation in Investment Startup Show approved by moderator makes you full participant of all sessions of the forum (with the exception for plenary session)