Global hakathon

Reason 1. You will face new challenges that are not solved by traditional methods.

Hackathon is organized by the group of serial entrepreneurs and investors from Silicon Valley. They designed unique topics and niches of projects with hints. First, this would seem difficult, and if you handle the task, you will make leaps forward in skills of IT prototyping.

Reason 2. Your team could catch investor or offer from foreign employer right in place.

It is no secret that on Hackathon global investors and employers pay attention to you. Professionals are needed everywhere and rich people are ready to pay for your talents.

Reason 3. You will design up-to-date product, which will attract attention.

This experience is universal after a year and even 5 years. The groundwork can be launched instantly.

Reason 4. In Hackathon program, there are closed lectures by investors and startups from global market. This is exactly a rare and valuable experience.

If you are reading this, then you already need to visit Global Hackathon.

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