Highlights of the Malevich Fest:

October 26


Panel discussion
Creative Machines: Should Humankind Fear the Competition

The technology for deep learning via neural networks is developing at a rapid pace. Computers can already copy the individual style of artists, poets and musicians. Do we need to rethink our understanding of «art», «creativity» and «genius»? Does humankind have the monopoly on creativity?

Yet, technology gives us new possibilities that avant grade reformers could only dream of: 21st Century artists, directors and choreographers have an incredible number of deus ex machina at their disposal to fulfil their wildest ideas.

Discussion participants:

  • Alexey Turchin, Member of the Association of Futurists, Curator of art exhibitions, Global Risk Expert, Employee at the Science for Life Extension Foundation.
  • Daria Parkhomenko, Founder and Curator of the Laboratoria science-art centre.
  • Anna Abalikhina, Choreographer and Director, Performer, Winner of the Golden Mask National Theatre Award.
  • Rostan Tavasiev, Russian Artist. A participant in over 60 exhibitions in Russia and abroad, his works are in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre and others.
  • Moderator — Petr Levich, Head of Science, Technology and Society Department of Moscow Technological Institute and Founder of the Future Foundation.

Public talk
Truth or Action: The Magic of the Words «Based on a True Story

Why do readers and writers love stories based on real events? How does our brain perceive fiction and non-fiction? Do historical facts help writers and how important is it to be honest with readers? These and other issues will be discussed by writer and historian, winner of «Big Book» and «National Bestseller» awards, Leonid Yuzefovich and Tatyana Chernigovskaya, Professor at the St. Petersburg State University, Head of the Laboratory for Cognitive Studies. Meeting Moderator — journalist, presenter and director Fekla Tolstaya.


««Manifest. A Theatre Experiment» »
Start up/Stand up

three-part documentary play. The story of the Skolkovo residents and startuppers that were called upon to change the world and whose discoveries have already been made or are about to be unearthed will be told in the form of a theatrical performance. The audience will hear fragments from the biographies of businessmen and women engaged in innovation in the cyber security and augmented reality sphere in a play brought to you by directors Talgat Batalov and Yury Muravitsky. Playwright Valeriy Pecheykin, winner of the Debut Award and writer at the Gogol Centre adapted in-depth interviews into the stage play. The play tells the life story of five characters, revealing the reasons behind their actions and the secrets of their success.

October 27


Public talk
The future of communication: what is happening to language

The «invention», «attack» and «deconstruction» of language — these are the processes under discussion when talking about the great writers of the previous century. What has changed in the 21st Century? Everything. Just as in other areas, this has taken place and is ongoing thanks to the appearance and prevalence of modern technology. Language is undergoing a renaissance thanks to technology and by analysing it. Language is reduced to pictograms in smileys and likes, becomes non-verbal in labs that are working on neurointerfaces, and is increasingly globalised with the addition of neologisms and anglicisms.

Participants in «The future of communication: what is happening to language» will discuss how and why the language of communication is changing and what consequences these changes have for culture, economics and society.


  • Filipp Grigoryan — Russian director and art director, winner of the Golden Mask state award.
  • Ilya Kukharenko — playwright at the Bolshoi Theatre and Theatre of Nations, expert of the Golden Mask festival, opera critic, presenter and producer.
  • Maxim Krongauz — PhD, Head of the Russian Language Dept. RSUH., author of «Russian Language on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown».

Innovative Theatre

Reform, innovative approach, technology — this is how the announcement of a lecture devoted to the modernisation of a large company could sound but we are talking about theatre.

How theatre finds common ground with the audience thanks to modern technology, how technological discoveries open up opportunities to create new means of expression and new forms where theatre and other art forms meet.

The forecast of the future of theatre in synthesis with technological progress in the lecture given by artistic director of the «Stanislavsky» Electrotheatre and director and drama theorist Boris Yukhananov.

18:00 « «Manifest. A Theatre Experiment»». Never-ending Story Audio Installation

The team of «Brusnikinites» will perform a public reading with elements of video art. The basis of the piece — the article «Becoming a revolutionary. On Kazimir Malevich». The Malevich Fest will be simultaneously transformed into a meditative and hypnotic space and theatrical piece.

  • Performed by actors of the Dmitry Brusnikin Workshop
  • Playwright: Andrey Stadnikov
  • Director: Alisa Kretova
  • Sound Design: Evgeny Egorenkov
  • Featuring Dmitry Brusnikin

The Dmitry Brusnikin Workshop is a theatre whose origins lie in the 2015 graduates of the Moscow Art Theater School. The Head of Workshop is Dmitry Brusnikin, an actor of Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, director, Professor, Honored Artist of Russia, Honored Member of the Art Community of Russia.

In the Summer of 2016, the Workshop became the resident at the Moscow Praktika Theatre, which has already held several plays by the «Brusnikinites». The Workshop’s performances can be also seen at Moscow’s leading venues: The Meyerhold Centre, The Boyar Chambers of the Theatre Union of Russia, Chelovek Theatre and others.

October 28


Discussion Panel
Investment in Art: Investment in Eternity or a Profitable Move

The issue of the Russia’s Art Market’s continued existence is a hotly discussed topic which, more often than not, ends in a negative conclusion. However, there are several collectors and gallery owners that succeed in buying and selling Russian art at a profit. What is the best way to invest in art and is it worthwhile?


Public talk
Artist: Image and Reality

A peripheral drunk type, infinitely distant from reality - that is the general idea that many have of modern artists and that is how they are presented to the audience in the film “Yes, and yes” by Valeria Gai Germanicus. In fact, modern artists don’t all conform to this one stereotype and it is these people that can be regarded as successful. Evgeny Mitta, Documentary Film-maker about modern artists, and Andrey Silvestrov, Producer, will discuss why it isn’t interesting to make movies about successful artists and the reality of working in modern art.


Public talk
And They Lived Happily Ever After: Science and Immortality

The pursuit to extend life expectancy and the search for the elixir of immortality and eternal youth have been the focus of humanity for hundreds of years.

However, to what extent are we ready to live forever and what will society look like if we overcome aging or significantly delay it? These issues will be discussed by Co-founder of Genotek, Artem Elmuratov, Organiser and President of the Science for Life Extension Foundation, Mikhail Batin, and commentator for Business FM, Kira Altman.


Play «Fuel»

Pop-up Theatre presents the play «Fuel», based on an in-depth interview with world famous IT-entrepreneur David Yang, founder of ABBYY, developer of Lingvo electronic dictionaries and the FineReader text recognition program, one of the pioneers of flash mobs in Russia and an extraordinary person.