1. Changes to personal data.

    Log in to your online profile and click on «Edit»

  2. I need help applying for a visa. What should I do?

    We provide visa support. When registering on the website, please indicate that you need a visa. You will then receive an email at the address specified by you when registering. It will contain a visa invitation.

    If you have any further questions, please write to us at visa_oi@sk.ru

  3. How do I get a badge?

    Badges will be issued at the Forum venue on October 26–28, on the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. Preliminary registration will also be arranged.

  4. Price of Participation.

    Participation cost for all those wanting to attend:
    1 day — RUB 4,000 (any day)
    3 days — RUB 10,000

    For students/postgraduate students/young scientists, there is a discounted participation cost. Participation cost for 1 day — RUB 1,000 and for 3 days — RUB 3,000

    We request you to confirm your status with the following documents and upload them to your online profile: copy of your student ID Card/postgraduate ID, or a certificate of your postgraduate studies/PhD certificate, extract from the decision of the Academic Council on the successful defence of your thesis.

  5. Unable to restore password/unable to get username and password/username and password are incorrect:

    Step 1. Check your junk mail folder

    Step 2. Click «Restore Password»

    Step 3. Check your corporate internet usage policy (for any restrictions)

    Step 4. If you don’t see any changes after the first three steps, take a screenshot (displaying the error) and send it to openinnovation@sk.ru.

  6. How do I pay for participation?

    You can pay for participation in your online profile in the Participants and Payment section.

    How can I get an invoice for payment by bank transfer + contract?

    Finalise the order in your online profile in the Payment and Participants section. Then go to finalise invoice-> fill in the bank details.

    The invoice will be automatically sent to the email address used to finalise the invoice.

    If you have any further questions related to paying for participation, please contact us by telephone at: 8 (495) 763-05-22, or support@forinnovations.ru.

  7. Can I get a refund of the registration fee paid if my plans change?

    Yes, you can. You will need to send the relevant request to support@forinnovations.ru. Your request will be reviewed by the Event Organizers.

  8. How do I use the meeting service?

    Members can invite each other to business meetings by choosing a participant or company to meet, appointing the meeting time, conference room, topic and presentation area, where available. Invitations to participate in the meetings appear in participants’ online profiles. Invitations can be accepted or rejected with a comment. More info about Business Meetings.

  9. How do I become a speaker?

    Please send your application to LAdiyatullina@sk.ru

  10. How can I become a Forum partner?

    Please send your application to otkachenko@sk.ru

  11. How can I book a hotel? How do I get there?

    In the Venue section of our website, go to Directions, where you can find answers how to get there.

    To book rooms or get any further information, please contact Pavel Okayev, the Participant Co-ordinator, at opa@msk.welt.ru, tel.: +7 (495) 933-78-78 ext. 119.

  12. What will be the catering arrangements?

    There will be cafes onsite.

  13. Cultural Programme.

    There will be a cultural programme for Forum participants.

  14. Do you speak English?

    The working languages of the Forum will be English and Russian. For your convenience, simultaneous interpretation will be arranged.