Capital Market. Pre-seed and Seed of Investments

Start investment is a cornerstone of innovative economy.

On the one hand, the venture financing industry is quite mature, it began shaping 10 years ago, and the number of active funds is several hundreds. On the other hand, the total number of venture transactions has decreased for the recent 2 years compared to last periods, foreign funds are decreasingly active, and some portfolio companies of state funds are subject to revision.

The situation is aggravated by the lack of the internal market for purchasing/selling start-ups and the culture of project resale.

At the same time, young funds are getting stronger, change the landscape of the seed investment market and set new game rules.

  • Where has the seed investment market been moving in three years?
  • Who is right - a start-up or an investor? No investments or no projects.
  • What way should a start-up make to attract investments?
  • What "hot" niches are most promising from the perspective of investors?
  • Projects of what development level are interesting for business angels?
  • Is the shift from venture investing to the dividend model possible?
  • What mechanisms enable bringing projects into stage A rounds?