National Report on Innovations

In recent years, the government has been implementing a number of initiatives whose aim is to accelerate technological development. These initiative have enjoyed a certain amount of progress. Namely, increasing Russia’s position in the Global Innovation Index ranking from 48 to 43, primarily thanks to improvements in the innovation environment. However, it has not been possible to convert this progress into growth in innovative activity or tangible results in innovation. A key reason for this is the current focus on the areas, which either have a delayed response to measures taken (the innovative environment, science, education) or are relatively ineffective without securing the demand for the technology from large-scale businesses (startups, venture capital investments).
 Moreover, the countries whose level we are hoping to achieve do not stand still.

Therefore, what needs to be done to achieve rapid and visible results? How can big business be transformed into the driving force behind innovation? Why were the objectives of Innovation Development Strategy not achieved?
 Which mistakes were identified: the wrong aims, the wrong choice of those involved, a lack of motivation, or a lack of resources? What model of innovative development is required at the governmental level today? The answers to these and other questions will be discussed by the session participants.