Plenary Session 'Technologies of the Growth: Security or Dreams Will Define the Further Technological Progress'

New technologies have shaken up every aspect of our lives, and the fourth industrial revolution has transformed the current economy like never before.

The unprecedented speed, scope and depth of many disruptive changes caused by digital, robotised and 3D technologies have a significant impact on what we produce and do, and how and where we do it, including the ways we earn a living. While transformations will take place in different ways in the developed and developing countries of the world, no country or market will evade a tidal wave of changes.

Today, we cannot ignore the power of biological threats that will be caused by advanced research in the field of artificial intelligence, life prolongation, manipulations with memory, and the creation of individual genetic portraits.

New technologies. New corporations. New leaders. Future cooperation and new types of collaboration. What will the world look like in 10 years, and what should be done to harness new technologies as drivers as growth and prosperity?

A series of 6 engaging TED-like 5-minute presentations in which speakers (the leading global experts in their fields) will share their vision of the role of technologies, leaders, corporations, R&D centres and the entertainment industries in the creation of the future world: what promotes growth?

Closing interview with the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev on new approaches, philosophy and the principles involved in shaping security policies and preventing technogenic disasters, and the role of states and government leaders in this process; which ideas of economic and social development, values, moral and ethical standards, and the right to identity should be reconsidered to capitalise on opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of the fourth industrial revolution; which systemic transformations are required to prevent threats to human life and to target the use of new technology towards growth and prosperity.


Технологическое предпринимательство: глобальные тренды

Anatoly Chubais

Стартапы: как мечты превращаются в бизнес

Ilya Sachkov

Бизнес-модели, меняющие мир

Paul Misener

Как на стартап-идее построить нацию?

Ofir Akunis

Технологическое предпринимательство: глобальные тренды

Aleksander Galitskiy

Гиперидеи и мегапроеты будущего

Dirk Ahlborn

Стартапы: как мечты превращаются в бизнес

Ekaterina Kotenko

Сколково 2.0

Viktor Vekselberg