Tornado of Changes

The exponential growth of new technologies will affect the live of every human on the Earth in several years and will potentially help some of us go beyond its orbit. The ever-penetrating digitalization will result in changing social landscape, traditional life format, established social relations, a new turn of asset redistribution and change in the capital structure. We are presumable on the verge of two historical patterns - the current dominating pattern and a new, unknown, digital and technological pattern. The change of the current paradigm may mark a place in the books, and chronicles will call this period with a concise term similarly to the Palaeolithic Age, Mesolithic Age, Neolithic Age…

There is a high risk that new reality will leave behind not only an average person but also corporations, cities, and countries. At the same time, new economy brings along enormous opportunities.

The digital revolution has happened.


  • Neo-economy. Market laws we comply with, but know nothing about.
  • Technologies threatening the human
  • Digital-mind. How has the Y generation been enriching at an enormous pace?