How to Raise Venture Capital. Startup Experience

The session is devoted to real cases of investment attraction at Russian and international funds, strategic investors and private equity funds.

From a first-hand you learn:

  • How to get in YCombinator and what does this incubator give?
  • How to attract investments of the Russian strategists, what does Yandex need?
  • How do the Silicon Valley's best funds of an early stage work with First Round Capital and SV Angel? Why do they invest in the Russian startup?
  • Is it possible to build billion high-technology business in Russia without venture investments?
  • How a company can cost $10 million without a revenue?
  • What do American and European investors buy?  And what is of first importance for Russian investors?
  • How to attract investments of the best private equity - Baring Vostok fund if you are still a startup?

And many other things...

Among participants are the owners of the best startups that have raised investments from the leading funds at different stages, in different regions, with excelent reviews, that have built very successful business. They are ready to share their experience in a frank and detailed way - 100% true knowledge!