Talk With the Capitalist. Venture Fund Business

Venture investments are a driving force of innovative economy and fuel for the growth of start-up companies. Some investors earn dozens thousand in interest for venture transactions; however, cases when funds are closed with losses are equally common.

For a start-up aspiring for investment raising to interact with a venture investor an entrepreneur needs understand venture business principles and the technological focus of a potential fund.

The goal of a venture company is to enlarge capital using investments in start-ups and their following sale. But how is capital created in a fund and where does it come from? What obligations does an investor have to capital owners? What is needed for an investor to believe in a start-up and to risk with trusted assets?

The course shapes skills of creation, development and sale of an investment portfolio. For private capital owners, top managers of corporations, business owners and infrastructure employees

Successful investors will share their experience in creating a project portfolio.

  • Life cycle of a venture company
  • Fundraising and capital corporatization
  • Formulation of pipeline projects
  • Portfolio planning and search for assets
  • Project traction
  • Due diligence and expert approaches to identify a profitability potential of companies
  • Algorithms of interaction with start-up companies