How to incubate national champions: which companies should the state rely on when implementing its innovation strategy?

In developed countries, “hidden champions” are an important part of the national economy.

The development of these companies reflects trends in the national economy and is a measure of the success of the innovation ecosystem.

Therefore, the various state programs promoting the development of promising rapidly-growing medium-sized companies that have long been carried out by several European countries, in particular Finland, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Ireland, France and Spain, involve “soft incentives”.

This year Russia introduced its own program to support rapidly-growing technology companies, the “National Champions” project, where the main tool used to select the participants was the TechUp rating. How can the state help these companies in the context of global competition? What should the national innovation ecosystem look like in order to ensure the faster growth of technology companies?

  • Champion Candidates: What exactly are medium-sized companies in Russia?
  • Are state support measures relevant? Who will become the driving force behind the development of these companies in Russia? Which financial tools of support can the MED project
  • “National Prospects for upscaling the business of Russian high-tech industrial companies on international markets?” offer these companies?
  • Request for support from medium-sized technology businesses (companies in the TechUp rating)