Investments in Regions: Competition Between Ecosystems

Organizer: Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR)


In the context of economic slowdown, the regional competition for investment resources escalates dramatically. Favorable geographical location and availability of potential demand less and less become factors of growth and investment attraction. However, the accelerating pace of economic, managerial and technological changes leaves a chance of success only for the most adaptive regional economies, able to respond flexibly to changes in the external environment, quickly implement and capitalize innovations, offer new mechanisms to develop the investment activity in the region. The implementation of the most promising investment projects in Russia depends on how the ecosystem of the investment, established in the leading regions, changes and what new mechanisms and programs they run.

Issues for Discussion

  1. How do the leading regions understand the current situation and prospects? How did the last years affect the leaders - where have they lost, and where have they gained? What goals should be set and how to achieve them?
  2. What can be abandoned and what should be supported in any case
  3. (the problem of setting priority goals)?
  4. What are peculiarities of the strategy to attract investors to the regions, taking into account the sectoral, geoclimatic and resource specifics?
  5. What support tools should be developed at the federal level in unstable and changing markets?
  6. A new contract with the business. Can business become a full partner now, namely for effective replacement of decreasing public resources with the private ones?
  7. Leading innovative companies. How to raise regional champions? How to increase their investment competence and activity?
  8. Participation of large companies in the development of regional innovation infrastructure.