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    When elephants dance, business flourishes

    Big Russian companies shall learn how to work with startups.

    «Dancing elephant» is an exact metaphor for a big company that is successful not only for having a big weight, but also for ability to be flexible, manage customer needs and adapt quickly and easily to constantly changing market conditions. On one of the «Open innovations 2016» forum sessions, the famous experts in the field of corporate venture capital investments discussed, how it is important for corporations to constantly implement innovations in order to survive and flourish.

    One of the most effective ways is a methodical work with startups. As a rule, big foreign corporations have special subdivisions following this direction nowadays. However, this practice is pretty rare for Russian companies. According to Evgeny Kuznetsov, CEO of RVC JSC, «traditional» companies in Russia do not have necessary experience and instruments to work properly with startups. Moreover, Russian senior executives and top managers are all too often sure that they have no need of any innovations. Evgeny feels certain that this is the biggest mistake of market giants when it comes to companies, which work in the field of power engineering.

    Full session video «The future of corporate innovations: dancing elephants» is available on the website